Bags Manufacturers

Official ACL Elite Bags with the ACL Logo may be ordered through AllCornhole Website

Bags Manufacturers and Specs
Brand Bags Types Where To Buy Contact
All CornholeACL Elite, ACE, Pro, Duck Cloth, Perfect Series, Freshmakers, Limited Edition Bags, Slide-Rite, Camba Series, Langworthy Sniper, Baldwin Series, CVP, Cheetah Predator Series
Bag TossPro and Ultra Bags
Beer Belly BagsTournament, Pro, Speed, Performance, Black Jack Tournament, Old Style Speed
BG Boards and GraphicsBG Pro 450, BG Elite 450, BG Tailgator, BG Slickster, Checkmate, Slickster Control, Clutch, Supersonic
Big Tex CornholeBig Tex, Patriot, Sheriff, TCL Classic, Player Advantage, Rattler, Quick Draw, Big Tex Pro 450’s
Blue Collar CornholeBCC Dirty , BCC Filthy, BCC Nasty, BCC Sick
Board Men CornholePro Performance, Pro, Max Pro, MAXnificient
Brett's Cornhole Boards & BagsAll Tournament, Pro Tournament
Can U TossCan U Toss
Cheetah CornholePro 50, Pro 100, Elite Touring
Crooked CornholeCrooked Classic, Crooked Pro, Crooked Elite, Crooked Slider
East Coast CornholeECC-Pro, ECC-ProGlide
GunslingersTwill, and swayde
Kramer Cornhole BagsKCB
LolliBagsPro S Line, All Duck, Pro H Line
Local BagsLocal Raptor, Duck 450, Twill 450, Loco, Slip Ns, A/T, Grinder
Meng Mor BagsMeng Mor Pro, 6 x 6 ‭(336) 938-4560‬
MN TailgatePro Series, Alpha, Blaze, Alpha Slim, Blaze Slim Plasma, Plasma Slim Vortex, Vortex Slim
Mountain ThunderMountain Thunder
MW BagsTactical Series, Performance Series
Original Cornhole CompanyOCC 450, Xtreme Speed
Pro Z BagsElite 450C, Elite, Speed, Control, Elite 450T, Tailgater
Resin BagsFusion, Next Generation
Reynolds BagsPro Advantage, Pro Advantage Championship, Pro Edge, Pro Edge II, Competition, Pro, Pro Touch
Rubie'sAll Duck, Stick & Slick, Control, Humidity, Rain
Shawn's Top Quality SpinnersPersonalized Spinners, Top Elite Spinners, Quality Spinners, Old Stamp Spinners, Xtreme Spinners
SoCal CornholeRazor Bags
Stone StreetPro-Series, Fire-Series
Steel City CornholePro, Competitor
Throw'N BagzPro Series One, Legacy Pro Series, Ever-Glide Pro
TomcatsAll Duck, Stick & Slide, Slick Kats
Venom BagsCobra 2.0
West Georgia CornholeBomber Bags

For the 2017 - 2018 Season, the Bag Manufacturer List will be finalized by September 30th, 2017. Manufacturers that elect not to renew by that time will be removed from the list and prohibited from being used in ACL Events. New Manufacturers will be added as they are approved until September 30th, 2017. The New Bag Policy will be fully enforced by all Directors beginning January 1st, 2018.

BAG POLICY for the 2017 - 2018 Season

The ACL has established the parameters for what is an acceptable competitive cornhole bag. The ACL approves and promotes Bag Manufacturers that are acceptable for playing in any ACL Regional, Conference and National Events. Players will only be able to play with bags on this list that are stamped with a clearly defined Bag Manufacturer Logo and remain within specs. Approved bags will be available for players if they do not have approved bags. All bags are subject to inspection at all Regional, Conference and National events.


  • Length: Bags should measure 6" x 6" when laid flat - accepted tolerance is 5.75" – 6.25". Bags over or under accepted tolerance will not pass inspection.
  • Weight: Bags should weigh 16 ounces – accepted tolerance is 15.5 ounces – 16.25 ounces. Bags over or under accepted tolerance will not pass inspection.
  • Thickness: Bags should measure 1.25" - accepted tolerance is 1.125" to 1.5". Bags under or over accepted tolerance will not pass inspection.
  • Outside Material may be anything that does not damage or create residue on the board
  • Inside Material MUST be plastic resin only. No metal or foreign objects including but not limited to copper, lead, aluminum, rocks, BBs etc. Plastic resin is the only acceptable form of fill for bags. A bag with any material other than what is acceptable will not pass inspection.
  • Bag Manufacturers MUST be able to provide bags all of one color for players to purchase
  • Bags MUST have a clear visible logo; Bags with faded or missing logos are not acceptable and will not pass inspection.
  • Bags must NOT have loose threading of more than 1/8th of an inch from its seam. Loose threading can be grounds for bags not passing inspection.
  • Alteration of Bags in any form will NOT be tolerated. An altered bag is any bag changed from its original state when purchased including stitching holes, making new seams, gluing, etc. Any bag that appears to be altered from its original state will not pass inspection and may be subject to further penalties.


Players playing in ACL Regional, Conference and National Events will need to play with bags from one of the approved manufacturers. The bags must be stamped with a logo that is visible and the bags must remain within spec at the time of play. Players are responsible and accountable for their bags remaining within spec. The Bring Your Own Bag Policy is mandatory for Regional, Conference and National Directors for the entire season.

Players have the option of inspecting opposing player’s bags prior to playing their match. A player may request to inspect and/or toss an opponent’s bag prior to a match. A player has the option of asking the Tournament Director to inspect the opponent’s bag prior to a match. If the players do not agree on acceptable bags prior to a match, the Tournament Director will make the final decision on whether or not the bags are acceptable and may replace a player’s bags with approved tournament bags. Once a match starts, the bags are deemed to be acceptable and the result of the match will stand regardless of proof in the future that the bags did not conform to the current policy.

Players that place in the prize money at ACL Events are subject to a bag inspection prior to collecting prize money. While the results of the event may not change, if a player violates the bag policy or has altered approved manufacturer bags in any manner, then that player will forfeit the prize money and be subject to additional disciplinary action. All decisions by the Tournament Director will be final.

Players must throw matching bags of same type and color (sticky sides match and slick sides match but both sides do not have to be all one color.) Players will not be allowed to throw bags of different colors or types. Example a player throws 2 Cheetah bags and 2 Reynolds bags or a player throws 2 bags that are blue and 2 that are red. Mismatched bags will not be allowed in any ACL events.

Bags must be distinguishable between opponents. On ACL National Broadcasts, bags used must have a primary color on both sides of the bag. As an example, Cheetah bags may have a primary color of orange with its black lines and logo infused on the sticky side of the bag. Orange cloth with black lines on white suede with logo on the sticky side WILL NOT BE ACCEPTABLE. If player A wins the coin toss and chooses Orange Bags, then player B must play with a distinguishable color from Orange. For non-broadcast matches, players must agree among themselves if their bags are distinguishable. For broadcast and non-broadcast matches, any dispute will be resolved by the Tournament Director. If the Tournament Director and players cannot reach an immediate resolution to a dispute, the Tournament Director will provide distinguishable bags to BOTH Players.

This policy will be strictly enforced by all Directors beginning January 1, 2018. Manufacturers that would like to be added to the approved list may contact the ACL and request the ACL Bag Manufacturer Form. The Manufacturer List will be updated at the end of September 2017 for the 2017-2018 Season

Any questions, please visit the Contact Us page and send your questions