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The 2016 College Cornhole Cup will be held on April 23, 2016 at the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW) Campus Recreation Center. The event features a doubles tournament and two singles tournaments. All tournaments are double elimination. If time and space permits we will run open Blind Draw tournaments as well. The event is restricted to college students only. Detailed directions and additional information will be sent to teams once they are registered. The team registration fee is $50. Points from all three tournaments will be added together to determine the cup champion. Pre-Register to Guarantee your Swag Bag at the 1st Annual College Cornhole Cup. Each team gets Set of ACL Elite Bags ($60 value), 2 T-Shirts ($40 Value), 2 Drawstring Bags ($20 Value) and special offers / swag from the sponsors. Over $100 in swag + the battle for the first ever College Cup

2016 College Cup Winners

Congratulations to the Pitt Corn Dawgs 2016 champion for taking down the first ACL College Cornhole Cup at the UNCW Recreation Center. Please contact us to get involved

Next season starts Fall 2016


Doubles Team: Sign In / Practice opens at 10:00 AM – Bags Fly at 11:00 AM

  • Each team gets 2 drawstring swag bags, 2 t-shirts, a set (8) of two-sided elite cornhole bags, and other items that future sponsors may add. Entries may be purchased by students, college organizations, intramural departments, athletic departments, and other outside sponsors approved by the ACL.
  • A team is 2 players that are students from the same college. Colleges may have multiple teams competing. Teams may represent an organization within the College as well (example: Greek, Intramural, Sports Club, Social Club etc.)
  • The Team Cup is restricted to 64 Teams. Once the tournament fills it is closed for registration. If there are places still open the week of the event, the Team Registration Fee will be $50.
  • Teams will be randomly placed in a double elimination bracket.

Singles Singles A & B:

  • Each Doubles Team will submit an A Player and a B Player
  • The A Players will be randomly placed in a Double Elimination bracket
  • The B Players will be randomly placed in a Double Elimination bracket


  • Teams start with 4 points for each tournament – 12 points for all three tournaments
  • For every win in the winners bracket the team will get 4 points
  • For every win in the losers bracket the team will get 2 points
  • The team with the most points for all three tournaments will win the College Cup

Blind Draw Doubles: Open only to players competing in Singles or Team Cup. All players must be eliminated from tournament prior to registering.

  • Entry Fee: $5 per player
  • Once 16 Players have registered, 8 teams will be randomly created.
  • Teams will be randomly placed in a single elimination bracket. All matches will be single game.
  • Prizes: 1st Place Team will get $40 / 2nd Place Team will get $20.

Where to Stay?

We have negotiated a discount rate with a Hotel close to UNCW and one on the Beach. Please call the hotel directly to book. There is no guaranteed block so the sooner you make you reservation the more likely you will get the ACL College Cup Rate.

Fairfield Inn & Suites Wilmington ($99 per room) – 307 Eastwood Rd. Wilmington, NC 28403 – Please call 910.791.8082 and mention American Cornhole League when making the reservation.

Shell Island Resort ($224 per room) – 2700 N. Lumina Avenue Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 – Please call 910.256.8696 and mention the American Cornhole League Room Block when making the reservation

Can a College Organization or Outside Sponsor run an Entry Event?

Absolutely! This main event is our first step to introduce cornhole as a social and competitive sport. We encourage intramural departments and athletic departments to add it an intramural or club sport at their college. We will be unveiling a more structured approach for the 2017 season.

What type of Events or Tournament Formats are Suggested for 2016?

We will help organize and can advise on any event structure. Our software can power all of your entry events. We believe some of the best tournament and event structures for 2016 are:

  • Singles Tournament where the top 4 finishers get on the team.
  • Doubles Tournament where the top 2 teams get on the team.
  • 8 Week League where the top 4 Players in Points get on the team
  • Mirror the Team Cup format so that the top team wins the team entry

Why are Colleges allowed to have more than one team?

This is the first step to provide college cornhole players with a national competition to see how they compare to players at other colleges. Many colleges do not currently have cornhole as an organized intramural or club sport, therefore it is difficult to determine and invite the best of the best at this time. Our goal is to expand the competitive play of organized cornhole in colleges. As the sport evolves on the College Level, the number of players per team will grow, the College Cup format will change and eventually only one team per College will be allowed to participate.

Can you help with Equipment?

We are experts at providing top of the line equipment at the best price. We specialize in bulk orders for organizations and customizing boards with NO VINYL DECALS! Please contact us for more information.

Why is Cornhole a great Sport for Colleges?

Cornhole is a great social and competitive sport for colleges. Our five primary reasons are:

  1. Cornhole is gender neutral. Women can compete on the same level as men.
  2. It is easy to play but difficult to master. Our Player Rating and Ranking System lets players know where they stand. Organizations can create leagues, tournaments and special events based on skill level.
  3. Cornhole reaches a large number of people. Many students are playing with their close friends. The organized sport can help drive college community engagement and interactivity.
  4. It is inexpensive to set up and run relative to other sports. The equipment requirement is minimal, inexpensive to maintain and easy to manage.
  5. There is limited injury risk. The main concern with this sport is someone accidently falling over a board. There is much less injury risk with this sport relative to other sports.

Will there be Accommodation and other Event Information available?

After registration has been confirmed additional details will be sent. This will include accommodation information and social gatherings on Friday and Saturday night.

Are there any restrictions on College Students?

The College Cup is open to any undergraduate college student. Proof of identification will be required. A college ID or other form of identification will be acceptable. Community colleges, Junior Colleges and other colleges are eligible at this time. If you have a question about eligibility, please contact us.

Can you Bring Your Own Bags?

A set of bags will be provided to all teams that they can keep and use at the event. A player or team may bring their own bags provided that they are within the following guidelines:

Opposing teams and players may inspect all bags prior to play starting. Once a match has started, those bags are deemed to be acceptable by the opponent and they are in play. Any player or team found in violation of the Bring Your Own Bag policy will receive one opportunity to substitute acceptable replacement bags. A second issue will result in a forfeit.