There are a wide variety of cornhole boards and bags available on the internet and in retail stores. We specialize in customized bulk orders for companies, charities, organizations and schools. If you need multiple sets of boards or bags, make sure you contact us for advice and a quote before buying. We will make sure you get the right equipment within your budget.


Our ACL Elite Tournament Boards are manufactured in the USA exclusively for the American Cornhole League. Key features that make these boards the best are:

  • ¾ inch Cabinet Grade Birch top
  • Inset Hardwood Frame with Center Brace
  • Sturdy Legs + Large Support Brace for Additional Stability
  • Routed Hole and Table Top Edges
  • Full Color Ink Logo (NOT VINYL!!!)
  • Proprietary Lacquer Finish

Individual sets may be purchased directly from Allcornhole for $289.99. We can customize these boards and discount for bulk orders. contact us for more information.

If you choose not to buy from us, it’s all good, we just want you to get some boards and get playing. Here are our buying tips to help you make an informed decision when looking at the various options available:

  1. Size Matters – The thickness of the top is the primary factor for determining the bounce that the board may have. Bags should not bounce when they hit the board, they should slide. A center brace underneath the top can help eliminate bounce. Majority of the boards on the internet and in stores are ½ inch thick or less with no center brace.
  2. No Vinyl – Most boards will use a vinyl decal or have a full vinyl wrap. This impacts the slide of the bag and over time will most likely separate from the board. When possible, try to find a board that uses INK and a high quality finish on the board.
  3. Get Routed – You want routed holes and edges on your boards. Prevents splinters and bag damage. Also, improves the probability that bags that should fall in the hole or off the side do.
  4. Pushover Test – If you push the board from the front and the legs fold under it is a complete dud. A stable board will just slide backwards when you push it from the front edge. Many internet and store bought boards have short, inadequate legs which make them less stable during gameplay.


Our ACL Elite Series bags feature premium duck cloth, suede and proprietary resin filling. These bags are created with and manufactured in the USA by, These top of the line bags come in a variety of colors and custom logo options. The ACL Logo comes infused on the suede side and has no impact on gameplay. Play your best by throwing the best seamed and seamless bags on the market.

To order wholesale or custom bags Contact Us!. For retail orders

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Regulation cornhole bags are 6” x 6” and weigh between 15.5 to 16 ounces. Bags will vary quite a bit because of the fabric, filling, corners and seam. We believe bags are a personal preference and there are many great options available. We work with several different manufacturers to get bags in bulk for our customers. When we run tournaments we allow players to bring their own bags as long as they are within the basic size and weight guidelines. We will have a variety of different types of bags for players to use that show up without any bags. Our recommended preferences are:

  1. Fabric – Fabric – Two sided bags are ideal. The best two sided bags are a premium duck cloth on one side and suede on the other side. This provides the player with the option of throwing the “slick” (duck cloth) or “stick” (suede) side down. Most bags that are made with just one material are duck cloth, canvas or twill. The quality of the fabric and how well they are sewn will determine how long they will last.
  2. Filling – Resin filled bags are better than corn filled bags because they washable, will not mildew, bugs will not eat them and they will remain much more consistent over time.
  3. Corners and Seam – We do not have a strong preference on rounded corners vs square corners or what type of seam is used to seal the bags. Many of the more advanced players prefer rounded corners with no seam on the outside.

The more you play, the more important bags will become. Try different types from different manufacturers to find the ones that feel “right” for you. To compare it to other sports it is like picking out a bowling ball, golf club or tennis racket. Go with what feels good and gives you confidence when you play.


Whether you play cornhole seriously or just for fun, you can always look like a player by getting a jersey. E3 Sport Apparel, the Official Jersey Supplier to the ACL, gives you options to rep the ACL or rep yourself and your sponsors. You can get a core ACL Jersey with your Name and Number on the back for just for $39. If you want to get a fully customized jersey, E3 has over 30 base templates to choose from or you can submit your own design. This is the perfect way to rep your Crew, College, or High School and your sponsors as you travel around and play events. Jerseys are also a great giveaway at Charity Events! Check out dedicated Jersey page or contact us for information.

Jersey Details Page

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