2019 ACL Championships

The 2019 ACL Championships are here!

Join us in King of Prussia, PA for the biggest cornhole tournament in the history of the sport as all of the action from the 2019 Johnsonville Cornhole Championships culminates to one final event. The event will take place at the Valley Forge Casino Resort August 6th-11th.

There will be an anticipated payout of over $180,000 for this event with scheduled events including Advanced/Competitive/Social Singles, Junior Singles/Doubles, College Singles/Doubles, Advanced/Competitive/Social Doubles, Women's Singles/Doubles, Seniors' Singles/Doubles, ACL Pro Doubles, Advanced/Competitive/Social Blind Draw, Crew Cup Shootout, Mixed Doubles, Devour Man of the Year, WCO World Cup, Skills Challenge, and Sit 'n Go Blind Draws. 

All divisions will either have a guaranteed payout or a percentage of entry fees payout. For those listed below with guaranteed payouts, if the listed guaranteed payout is less than 70% of all the entry fees collected for the event, the payout will increase to 70% of the total entry fees collected for that event (NOT including Advanced Singles, as ACL Pros do not pay entry into this event, payout may increase based on participation, however).

$25,000 WCO World Cup
$25,000 Scholarship Juniors Championships
$25,000 ACL All Forces Championship
$20,000 Advanced Singles
$20,000 Advanced Doubles 
$10,000 DEVOUR Man of the Year
$10,000 WCO International Invitational
$10,000 Pro Doubles
$10,000 Women’s Doubles 
$10,000 Crew Cup Shootout
$10,000 Advanced Blind Draw
$2,500 Women Conference Cup
$2,500 Senior Conference Cup
$2,500 Senior Doubles 
$1,500 Senior Singles
$1,500 Women's Singles
$1,000 ACL Director Blind Draw
$500 Pitch for Cash During Commercial Breaks of ESPN Live Broadcast (must be present in stands during broadcast to be eligible)

ESPN Network Coverage

-8/7 LIVE on ESPN2 at 7 pm EST WCO International Invitational
-8/8 LIVE on ESPN3 at 8 pm EST Crew Cup Shootout
-8/9 LIVE on ESPN3 at 8 pm EST All Forces Championship
-8/10 LIVE on ESPN3 at 8 pm EST Divisional Tournament Finals
-8/11 LIVE on ESPN2 at 12 pm EST Pro/Women's Doubles Finals

ACL Digital Network Coverage

-Some events not covered on ESPN Network broadcasts will be live streamed to the ACL Digital Network absolutely FREE

Advanced Blind Draw and Advanced Singles registrations are based on the number of events that you have played in the ACL this season. Use the chart below and read the ACL Player's Guide to determine your pricing for these events. Note that if you play Singles, Blind Draw and BYOP Doubles at an ACL event that counts as 3 tournaments towards your total. Local ACL tournaments do NOT count towards your total. Example: You participate in Singles, Blind Draw and BYOP Doubles at 8 ACL Monthly Regional events (24 tournaments), 2 Conference Events (6 tournaments) and 2 National Events (6 tournaments). Your total number of ACL Tournaments is 24 + 6 + 6 or 36 tournaments. Your Advanced Singles / Blind Draw entry will cost you $100. 

Discounted room rates are available at the Valley Forge Casino Resort at average $109/night. Only players of the event may book rooms using
this link for the $109/night rate. 

***All Players and Fans must abide by the ACL Player and Fan Code of Conduct***

***Schedule is always subject to change. Start times of events may be delayed if prior tournaments run longer than scheduled***

***On-site registration MAY be available one hour prior to the start of each event if space is available and time permits, but is not guaranteed. A full registration cutoff list will be posted in this event page as well as emailed to all competitors***

***Registration is first come, first serve at , upon selling out of an event, we will begin a waiting list***

***Registration will open no later that 7/15/19 and pre registration will close 8/4/19***

***All registration questions should be sent to***

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