2019 ACL Pro Invitational Series: Lunsford & McGuffin

Three Nationals down and only one left to go! Josh Lunsford and Jimmy McGuffin have joined Daymon Dennis/Philip Haydon and Derrick King/Jordan Camba as the only teams to have qualified for the 2019 ACL Pro Invitational. Winning the Bag Brawl with an incredible airmail show by Jimmy McGuffin has set this duo up to take home some major cash in Connecticut. I sat down with McGuffin and Lunsford to get their take on their big win back in May.

What does it mean to you to be going to the 2019 ACL Pro Invitational?

" It means a lot. This is something that lets me know that the hard work has payed off. " -Jimmy McGuffin

"It makes me proud to be able to contend with the best teams in the nation." -Josh Lunsford

How did you both become ACL Pro Partners?

"Josh and I became partners because in 2016 when COBS started my partner then Derrick king was to young to play. So josh and I hooked up and doing good  " -Jimmy McGuffin

"Jimmy and I became partners during the first season of the ACL. Derrick King was his previous partner and was not 21 at the time. Jimmy asked me to play and we've decided to keep throwing together. " -Josh Lunsford

How often do you change your game strategy as a team? If you change it, what dictates the change?

"We just play by our game based on who we are playing. Most of the time it’s all depends on the boards on how I play. Sticky boards I just try to shoot at the hole  " -Jimmy McGuffin

" I think we play based on the opposing team. If a team likes to slide every bag in the hole, we will utilize the block bag. Of course, if Jimmy's block bag isn't working, he will just put on an airshow.  " -Josh Lunsford

Do you ever still get nervous? What do you do to calm your nerves?

"I wouldn't say I get nervous. I just try to stay focused. " -Jimmy McGuffin

" I wouldn't say I get nervous. I get more determined the further we make it in a tournament. Of course, the liquid courage will help out with that in big time games. " -Josh Lunsford

What do McGuffin and Lunsford need to do to win the 2019 ACL Pro Invitational?

"We need to make sure josh has just enough alcohol and we need to stay focused and play our game. " -Jimmy McGuffin

"We will need to try and score every frame due to it being a 10 round game." -Josh Lunsford

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