Getting Started with the ACL

Welcome to the American Cornhole League!

The ACL was founded in 2015 by Commissioner Stacey Moore with the goal of becoming the next great professional sport in the country. As the sport has grown over these past few years, we have seen a wave of new players jumping into the sport and wanting to get involved in so many different ways. If you are wanting to get involved in competitive cornhole, regardless of skill level, this guide will show you how to get started.

1. Create a free profile. This free profile will expedite the process of joining tournaments in the future. Inputting a phone number will allow you to receive text messages during tournaments, your email will allow you to login to the ACL Player App, and your location will allow you to show up in ACL Rankings. You will need a free profile to compete in any tournaments, so it is best to create one before going to a tournament, you only have to do this once! Through the ACL Player App, you can also purchase a membership which will give discounts on tournament pricing as well as give bonus points in standings. Make sure you don't have a player profile already before doing this or else you'll create a duplicate account.

2. Check out all ACL Events scheduled in your area. All ACL tournaments scheduled ahead of time by ACL Directors across the country will show up in the event database. Clicking on the event will provide details as well as give you an opportunity to contact the director of the event.

3. Don't see any events in your area? Don't panic! Not all ACL Directors remember to place their tournaments in the database in advance. You can alternatively contact the closest director to you to get information on weekly leagues, local tournaments, regional events, and even conference events. Emailing the director nearest you is the best way to get plugged into your area to.

4. If there are no directors or events in your area, there is still another option. If you have a group of players that are interesting in competing within the ACL, you can always sign up to become a local director through the ACL Player App. Additionally, you can reach out to the ACL Head of Directors, Josh Keck (, for more information on being a director in your area.

5. Once you've played in some local events, it may be time to compete at the National level and join us for one of the ACL Nationals throughout the season. ACL National events are open to the public with hundreds of players traveling from all over the country to compete. These events are always accompanied by television broadcasts and award thousands of dollars in prize money. The ACL website will always have the most up to date information on ACL National Events. Also, follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the most immediate info.

Follow these steps and you can become an ACL Pro in no time! Information on ACL College,  the ACL Player Guide, Bag Policy, and ACL Merchandise can all be found in the dropdown menu of the ACL website. We hope to see you at an event soon, and remember:

Anyone can play, and anyone can win!

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