Landshark Co-Ed Cornhole Series

The 2019 LandShark Co-Ed Cornhole Series features co-ed leagues across four states (NC, SC, GA, FL) and a $10,000 Championship event for 64 qualifying teams. Championship qualifying teams will receive a 2-night hotel accommodation at the DoubleTree Resort Myrtle Beach, event shirt, and free entry into the $10,000 event taking place at the DoubleTree Resort Myrtle Beach December 14th-15th. The event is being organized and operated by the American Cornhole League.

Stacey Moore, ACL Commissioner, says, “We are thrilled to be working with LandShark on this original series. Cornhole is a fun, social game where anyone can play and anyone can win.”

Kody Babb, Landshark Brand Manager, says “The LandShark Lager team is thrilled to be partnered with the ACL in 2019. The ACL is a great partner and LandShark is looking forward to being a part of the cornhole action this fall! We look forward to seeing some great Cornhole competition and enjoying some ice cold LandShark along the way!”

The format for the event is as follows:

  • 10-week Balanced Blind Draw Leagues - Between Sept. 15th - Dec. 1, 2019 

  • Standings based ACL Local Points Table (yes, this will count in ACL Standings too!)

  • The top 8 finishes in the 10 week league will count toward the league standings 

  • $5 per blind draw tournament 

  • $1 per player per tournament will go into a league standings prize pool where the top finishers for the league will be paid (payout table to be provided by local director)

How to Qualify for the $10,000 Championship

  1. The top male and top female from each bar will represent that bar as a team in the Championship. If the person is a top finisher at multiple locations, then that player will choose which bar to represent and that bid will go to the next highest male or female finisher. This will form 48 teams.

  2. There will be 12 teams formed by random draw. There will be one male and one female per target market (consisting of 4 bars). Players must have played 8 of 10 weeks in at least one of the leagues or 20 weeks total across all 4 bars in the area to be eligible. 

  3. There will be 4 teams formed by random draw by state. One male and one female will be drawn in each state (consisting of 12 bars). Players must have played 8 of 10 weeks in at least one of the leagues or 20 weeks total across all 12 bars in the state to be eligible.

Check out for more information on the LandShark Co-Ed Cornhole Series and to find a league to play in!

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