Update to NCCC Alumni/Fan Event

We created the Alumni/Fan tournament to give an opportunity for alumni of schools across the country to compete for their school for prestige for the possibility of appearing on a television broadcast for Cornhole. The intent of opening the event to “fans” was really to give the opportunity for booster club members who did not graduate from the school but were still heavily dedicated to it, an opportunity to also compete.

Based on a variety of factors we need to change the format in order to maintain the integrity of the event. We will now be splitting the Alumni/Fan event into 2 phases.

Phase 1 will be a traditional double elimination tournament. In order to be eligible for this BYOP event, both members of the team must either be alumni, booster club members (make regular donations to the school), or have won a Subway College Cornhole Tour Alumni/Fan event. Additionally, no team may be comprised of 2 ACL Pros. $15,000 is up for grabs for Phase 1 and the money earned for this event will be donated directly to the represented school or booster club on the team’s behalf. Certified student loans may also be paid from the school on the teams behalf. Cash payouts will NOT be part of this event. Phase 1 will play down to the final 8 teams and end.

Phase 2 is the ESPN broadcast of the event. Each of the 8 teams from the winners of Phase 1 will select 1 member of the team to compete on the ESPN broadcast alongside an ACL Pro in an ACL Pro & College Alumni Invitational. The 1 member of the team selected to be paired with the ACL Pro cannot be an ACL Pro themselves. $10,000 is up for grabs in phase 2 with the same payout stipulations as before, with the ACL Pro’s “earnings” being paid out to their partners respective university. Phase 1 and 2 will take place Saturday December 28th at 10 am. The blind draw portion of the event will be removed.

The selection process for the ACL Pros phase 2 will be a $10,000 special event the previous day with the top 8 finishing singles players qualifying for the invitational. Partner assignments for phase 2 will be random unless a qualifying ACL Pro also competed in Phase 1 of the Alumni/Fan event, in that case the ACL Pro will be paired with their alumni/fan partner.

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