2020 Kickoff Battle Brackets

The links below are for all events for the 2020 Kickoff Battle, the first ACL National event of the 2020 Johnsonville Cornhole Championships. Bracket links will be added in the order that they are created.

Women's Doubles A - 

Women's Doubles B - 

Pro/Advanced Crew Cup A - 

Pro/Advanced Crew Cup B - 

Competitive/Intermediate Crew Cup - 

Senior Doubles - 

Advanced Singles A - 

Advanced Singles B - 

Pro Doubles A - 

Pro Doubles B - 

Pro Doubles C - 

Pro Doubles D - 

Competitive Doubles - 

Intermediate Doubles - 

Advanced Doubles - 

Competitive Singles A - 

Competitive Singles B - 

Intermediate Singles A - 

Intermediate Singles B - 

Pro Singles A - 

Pro Singles B - 

Pro Singles C - 

Pro Singles D - 

Advanced Blind Draw - 

Competitive Blind Draw - 

Intermediate Blind Draw - 

Pro Blind Draw A - 

Pro Blind Draw B - 

Open Blind Draw - 

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