2020 Cornhole Mania Updates

We are thrilled with the demand from players and fans to attend 2020 Cornhole Mania. Selling out an event in 1.5 hours is a NEW RECORD and something we never imagined would happen! We have been able to increase our footprint to 141K sq ft. to accommodate more boards and more players. This allows us to add 32 doubles teams and 64 singles players for each skill level division. These will be taken in order of the waitlist and contact us emails. We will begin formally adding players in on Monday. Unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate everyone because of maximum capacity constraints. While we can make some tweaks to the National format this season, the significant changes have to wait until next season. For those that do not get in the main scheduled events, we will have a dedicated area for Blind Draws, BYOP and Singles events. These sit n go events will be a mix of open and skill level based, but no advanced schedule or registration will be available. Thanks again for your support of the ACL. We will continue to work hard to try and accommodate everyone that wants to play in or come watch our National events.

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