2020 ACL Season Updates

The sports industry, along with many other industries, has been dramatically affected by the COVID-19 virus. As the situation evolves, we are seeing a rapid level of cancellations at all levels while national, state and local restrictions change every hour. The American Cornhole League recently had its 2020 Cornhole Mania cancelled to prevent the spread of the virus. The cancellation of this event certainly has implications to the 2020 ACL season, which is why it is necessary to address the next steps for the cornhole community. There are also additional steps that need to be taken to keep our players and communities safe during this chaotic time. 

First, all players and fans who paid event entry fees or purchased VIP tickets for the 2020 ACL Cornhole Mania will be refunded. This process is manual and will take up to 5 days for certain individuals to be processed. You will be credited back in the same manner that you paid the ACL. If you have not received your notice of refund by March 21, then you may contact the ACL to check on its status. 

The effects of the Cornhole Mania cancellation on the structure of the ACL season are still being discussed and the next update on any changes will be given no later than April 1, 2020. The aspects of the ACL Player Guide that need to be addressed include but are not limited to ACL Pro qualification, ACL Pro standings, ACL Pro Invitational qualifications, ACL World Championship qualification and pricing, ACL standings, bonus points, and more. Until we have more information, we are not going to be able to announce finite changes. 

To maintain the integrity of our points system, effective March 16, all points-earning events are suspended through at least April 15th and could be extended. These events include Conference, Regional, and Local events. ACL Directors are still permitted to operate non-points-earning events given that they abide by ALL national, state, and local laws/orders surrounding the COVID-19 virus. Allowing some regions to operate small, regional events provides an unfair advantage in comparison to large regions that are currently experiencing mass gathering bans. The only exception to this rule is the Carolina Conference Event #2 assuming it conforms to all National, State, and Local laws regarding COVID-19. We reserve the right to lift this ban sooner than April 15th if it is permitted by law and we feel that it is safe to do so. Directors should also take individual responsibility if they believe a total ban on events is necessary to keep their community safe. Every region is different, so the decision by each director will be different. 

In regards to the 2020 Bag Brawl in Salt Lake City, it is officially postponed until the next update on or before April 1. The Salt Lake City government has placed a ban on all convention center events up to the week before our event, leaving us only a few days at a maximum to know whether or not hosting our third national will even be possible. Given the feedback from the cornhole community on the timing of the Cornhole Mania cancellation, we want to give our players ample time to cancel any existing reservations, as almost all airlines and hotels are offering refunds for COVID-19 related cancellations. We have not opened registration for this event for obvious reasons, so as of now we will leave it closed. There is a high probability that this third National also gets completely cancelled. 

As of now, the 2020 Final Chase and World Championships are not in jeopardy. In addition, ACL National staff remains intact and dedicated to making the best of the rapidly changing situation.  

We thank you for your patience during this time, and we advise all of our communities to do what they can to remain safe.

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