ACL Virtual

The ACL is proud to introduce ACL Virtual! 

ACL Virtual is the latest development to the ACL's technology platform that now allows players to compete in cornhole tournaments everywhere without having to leave their home! With social distancing dictating most of our interactions during this time, creating a new way to compete in cornhole games became a top priority for the ACL team. With the launch of ACL Virtual, ACL Directors will be able to organize and operate ACL Local events for anyone. Additionally, international players will also be able to compete in these events, giving them an opportunity to compete against American talent for the first time.

So how does ACL Virtual work? It's easy! First, an ACL Director will create an event within the ACL Admin Portal. They will set the number of players, the game type (singles, doubles, or blind draw), the entry fee, match type (single game or best 2 out of 3) and the bracket type (single or double elimination). Once created, they can open the event for registration at Once the event is open for registration, players can immediately login to their player profile and go to "Event Registration" to find a list of available tournaments in which they can compete. Players will pay the registration fee directly from the app. All matches will be limited to 10 rounds (max score is 120). Doubles matches will combine the score of partners for a max score of 240. Since players will be using the ACL Bag Tracker to keep their deckaround score, stats from the round will become immediately available at the conclusion of the match!

Once all players have registered, the tournament director will initiate the start of the tournament and provide players with their time limit to complete each round of the tournament. Most tournaments will provide 24 hours to complete a single match, but directors can choose to make that time limit sooner or later based on player availability. For each match, a player will receive a text message assigning them an opponent letting them know the round has begun. Players can go to and click on My Account from the slideout menu to verify that they have an accurate mobile number associated with his or her account.

From there, players will head back to and login. After clicking on 'My Events', players should see the event that they have registered for (Note: just like for registering for National events, only the registering partner for doubles will receive the email). Clicking on the event will bring them to the dashboard where they will be able to see the list of matches being played, including their match. When ready to complete their match, the player will click 'Start Game'. Then, their screen will be transformed into the bag tracker, where players will track every bag from all 10 rounds of play. You do not need to send your score to the director assigned to your tournament. The scores will automatically transfer to the tournament software once you save your round. 

In addition to tracking each bag, players will also be required to live broadcast their match. Each ACL Director will set the individual rules for broadcasting, but the standard method for live streaming a match to maintain integrity of the program will be by streaming to a Facebook Event page created by the ACL Director. The live streaming prevents a player from taking multiple attempts to complete a single game. Each director will set up a Facebook event, which will be shared to the ACL Virtual Facebook group - It is important that players either record directly into their specific event within the ACL Virtual Facebook page or share their videos into the corresponding event within that group. 

At the end of the specified time limit, the Director will verify the scores that have been tracked, save the match scores, and progress to the next round. Players will then receive their next text message letting them know who their next opponent is and the process repeats until the end of the tournament. Contact the director assigned to your tournament immediately if there is a score or winner discrepancy.

There will be more developments to come with ACL Virtual and we could not be more excited to launch this new feature. The videos below shows the exact workflow for how the process works from a player perspective. ACL Directors are being trained as we speak, with an expected launch date of 4/3/20 to the public. 

ACL Virtual Step #1: Registering for an event 

ACL Virtual Step #2: Accessing Your Event

ACL Virtual Step #3: Using the Bag Tracker 

ACL Virtual Step #4: Submitting Your Round on Facebook Live 

Entire ACL Virtual playlist (includes Step #1 - Step #4) 

Log in to 

As of 3/30/20, we are on Version 6.00.

It’s recommended that you use a tablet with a larger screen while improvements are being made to optimize the phone view. 

Verify your email and mobile number are correct in the My Account page from the slide out menu. 

Also in the My Account page, verify your Payment Collection Method. This is how you will get paid any prize money that you win during virtual or national events you participate in. 

Click/Tap on Events Registration

Click/Tap on Virtual Event Registration.

Select the virtual tournament in which you want to compete. 

Complete the registration form and then click/tap the Next button to make payment. 

Select your desired payment option.

Once you have entered your payment details, click the Submit Registration button to confirm your spot in the tournament. 

You will receive an email notification confirming that payment was received. The confirmation will be sent to the email that is listed in the My Account page in the app. 

At this point, you will wait for a text message indicating that your round has started. Once it has started, navigate to the Facebook event associated with your tournament. Once your match has been assigned, start your LIVE round (no recordings). In the text field, be sure to include:

  • The event title

  • The match participants

  • The match number as indicated on the bracket or in the text 

To start your round, click/tap on My Events.

Click/Tap on the event in which you are competing. 

From this screen, click/tap on the Score Tracker.

Click the Start Game button once you are ready to start your round. 

The next three screens are what you will see when you use the bag tracker during an in-person tournament. These are not relevant to Virtual matches but we want to get you used to seeing them. For ACL Virtual events, simply click NextNextPlay OR click outside of the dialogue box to start your round. 

Click the Start Match button to begin. You will throw a DEKAROUND or 10 rounds to get your total score. You will track each round using the Bag Tracker. 

You can now start your round. Notice that the names of all the challengers for that round will appear on the bag tracker. Your name will be highlighted. 

Throw four (4) bags to the opposite end of the court. Tap on the number of Bags In the hole and the number of Bags On the board. 

Tap the arrow to move on to your next round. 

As you continue your round, you will notice that each round is saved at the bottom. If you need to make a change to a round, simply click on the round and update the score. 

The main number is your combined score of all the rounds you have completed. 

Once you have finished with Round 10, tap the Save Game button to save your game. You will get a pop up asking you to verify your score. Be sure to tap Submit Final Score to automatically send your results to the director managing the event.  

On the Score Tracker page, you can View Match Results of your round and your opponents’ rounds. 

The charts and graphs for each player will be visible to all players in the match. You will be able to view the:

  • Average round score

  • Average bags in the hole

  • Scoring percentage

  • Bags In / On

If there is a tie, the following statistics will be used to break the tie:

  • 1st tiebreaker: Scoring PCT (the percentage of bags on the board or in the hole)

  • 2nd tiebreaker: Avg Bags In (highest of all participants)

  • 3rd tiebreaker: Most Bags In (highest of all participants)

  • 4th tiebreaker: Most Bags On  (highest of all participants)

Continue following this process until the event has completed. Once the event is over, your director will distribute any prizes to the top players/teams. Be sure that your Payment Collection Method has been updated in your account. 

Anyone can play, and anyone can win!

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