ACL and PrizePicks Trial

ACL teams up with PrizePicks for Fantasy Gaming  with a trial run.

The American Cornhole League is proud to team up with PrizePicks, a daily fantasy website and app that offers contests against the house, to trial a daily fantasy board with ACL Virtual. The ACL and PrizePicks will be kicking off the partnership with a live test contest beginning Friday, April 17th. Fans will be able to create proposition based line-ups between now and 4 pm on the 17th to be eligible for the contest on the 17th. New line-ups will be able to be created daily during the three day event. 

The opening contest is an ACL Virtual singles event featuring 32 ACL Pros. The format for the event will be ACL Rounders, with each Pro competing in one match per day over a three day period. Like all other ACL Virtual events, players will be streaming their deckarounds via Facebook Live and will be recording their scores via their ACL Player App. Each day of the event will offer a new PrizePicks board.

Before the deckarounds begin in round 1, fans can head to or to the PrizePicks app to create a free account. Fans should use the referral code "ACL" when registering for an account. From there, fans will see 16 different Pros available, with their projected deckaround score below their name. Based on the projected scores, fans can select two or more Pros to either score under or over the projected score. PrizePicks offers different options for different payouts. For this first ACL Pro Rounders event, $25 limits will be set on entries.

Head to PrizePicks or download the mobile app to get started! Signing up today will get you a free 2 Pick Flex Play to win $25! Everyone will also receive an additional 25% instant deposit match with just a 1X.

***All ACL Pros are excluded from participating in any PrizePicks contests, and any evidence of tampering with PrizePicks contests will result in a lifetime ban from the ACL and legal action.***