Houston Pro Invitational Qualifier Roster

The second ACL Pro Invitational Qualifier is almost here! Quarterfinals through the finals of both the singles and doubles single elimination brackets will be played live on ESPN from 12-4 pm EST. Two of the four quarterfinal matches, however, will be played off camera, leaving the final six teams to be shown on air (5 games for singles, 5 games for doubles). Like the first qualifier, each game will be limited to 10 rounds.

Singles Roster

Josh Groce

Eddie Grinderslev

Lester Price

Dave Sutton

AJ Sims

Jason Rubin

Steve Wendling

Brevon Valdivia

John Fuentez

Bobby Fink

Mike Torres

Tyler Parent

Harry Stoltzfus

Tyler Lugo

Jackie Sayasone

Josh Bordelon

Grand Upchurch

Adrian Knapper

Brian Brewer

Nic Feinstein

Pablo Islas

Tristan Sluder

Hunter Simington

Yetty Irwan

Mike Kitzmiller

Lea Kitzmiller

Doubles Roster

Eddie Grinderslev    Dave Sutton

Josh Groce    AJ Sims

Tyler Parent    Brevon Valdivia

Mike Torres    Brian Brewer

Jason Rubin    Lester Price

John Fuentez    Adrian Knapper

Yetty Irwan    Harry Stoltzfus

Bobby Fink    Grand Upchurch

Tristan Sluder    Hunter Simington

Nic Feinstein    Steve Wendling

Jackie Sayasone    Tyler Lugo

Mike Kitzmiller    Lea Kitzmiller

Josh Bordelon    Pablo Islas

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