Phoenix Pro Invitational Qualifier Roster

Below is a list of all of the individual players registered for the third ACL Pro Invitational Qualifier that will take place at the Arizona Grand Resort and Spa in Phoenix, Arizona. The top finishing doubles team not already qualified for the 2020 Pro Invitational will join Kyle Malone/Dalton Mcklem, Jamie Graham/Frank Modlin, and Lester Price/Jay Rubin on July 4th to compete for $25,000. Catch singles and doubles action this weekend from 3-7 pm EST on ESPN.

Jason Rubin

Brevon Valdivia

Greg Geary

Noah Wooten

Lester Price

Jimmy McGuffin

Tyler Parent

Mike Torres

Austin Reynard

Andrew Robinson

Blake Demale

Brian Brewer

Nic Feinstein

Nick Renevitz

Hunter Thorne

Ty Lopez

Mcgwire Shephered

Johnny Rockett

Larry Felix

Doug Rippy

April Chismark

Rob Chismark

Doug Zaft

Bill Hadley

Tom DeGeorge

Dustin Parkins

Anthony Ayon

Robert Bronson

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