South Bend Pro Invitational Qualifier Roster

Below is a list of all of the individual players registered for the third ACL Pro Invitational Qualifier that will take place at the South Bend Cubs Stadium in South Bend, IN. The top finishing doubles team not already qualified for the 2020 Pro Invitational will join Kyle Malone/Dalton Mcklem, Jamie Graham/Frank Modlin, Lester Price/Jay Rubin, Greg Geary/Jimmy McGuffin, and Bob Vonch/Danny Seals on July 4th to compete for $25,000. Catch singles and doubles action this weekend from 12-4 pm EST on ESPN.

Miguel Villa

Kerry Mittermiller

Trey Burchfield

Derrick King

Jeremy Schermerhorn

Derek Singleton

Justin Stranger

Shawn Smith

Dawn Rodgers

Mike Bechtel

Barry Burich

Bill Smith

Kyle Malone

Dalton Mcklem

Jeremy Cavanah

Jareth Nichols

Eli Stevens

Chuckie Love

Eric Anderson

Chad Braun

Randal Arcangelini

Seto Soto

Dave Sutton

Eddie Grinderslev

Paul Hardie

Brian Ash

David Morse

Jay Dotson

Sean Short

Danny Seals

Bob Vounch

Christine Papcke

Mike Pfaff

Alan Skotko

James Baldwin

Jordan Camba

Allison Heine

Courtney Coy

Philip Haydon

Daymon Dennis

John Fuentez

Adrian Knapper

James Reschke

Dave Reschke

Ryan Windsor

Noah Wooten

Austin Reynard

Greg Geary

Jimmy McGuffin

Chad Mayberry

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