Wilmington Pro Invitational Qualifier Roster

Below is a list of all of the individual players registered for the third ACL Pro Invitational Qualifier that will take place at the 76'ers Fieldhouse in Wilmington, DE. The top finishing doubles team not already qualified for the 2020 Pro Invitational will join Kyle Malone/Dalton Mcklem, Jamie Graham/Frank Modlin, Lester Price/Jay Rubin, Greg Geary/Jimmy McGuffin, Bob Vonch/Danny Seals, and Trey Burchfield/Derrick King on July 4th to compete for $25,000. Catch singles and doubles action this weekend from 1-5 pm EST on ESPN.

Brittany Emge

Tony Brewer

Timothy Pitcher

Leston Allen

Ryan Smith

James Washington

Jimmy Youmans

Michael Lucas jr

Michael Dinges

Tom Bostock

Michael Grube

Eric Ryder

Holden Hales

Justin Stranger

Shawn Smith

J Scott Collins

Logan Bakner

Chris Middleton

Bob Mallonee

Jeff Bachand

Dave Kolenc

Ron Kugel

Eric Stowe

James Branham

Scott Schultz

Emory Parker

Richard Bushway

Pj Sarro

Chris Cuccia

Scott Lane

Derrick Mentzer

Adrian Johnson

Leslie Adcock

Joe Adcock

Derek Fatiger

Leslie McIver

Jack Shea

Robert Sperry

Tyler Poythress

Jay Corley

Harlee Culpepper

Ronnie Culpepper

Rudy Thomas Jr

Tyler Atkins

Allan Rockwell

Matthew Stout

Chris Tornatola

Nick Cadieux

Andy Noyes

James Baldwin

Jordan Camba

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