2020 ACL World Championships and Pro Qualification

The 2020 ACL World Championships are almost here! The full schedule of events will be released on June 28th. This event will be held August 4-9, 2020 at the Rock Hill Sports and Events Center in Rock Hill, SC. 

The most significant update to this World Championship event revolves around ACL Pro Qualification for the 2020-2021 ACL Season. The number of ACL Pros for the 2020-2021 ACL Season is capped at 256. Due to the season being impacted by the COVID-19 virus, ALL ACL Pros from the 2019-2020 ACL season will automatically be extended another invitation to join the 2020-2021 ACL Pro Division. Therefore, 220 spots for next year's division are reserved for current ACL Pros. The Pros from this season will have until July 31st to notify the ACL of their intention to accept or reject next year's invitation. That leaves 36 spots available (assuming all pros return next season) for qualifying at the 2020 ACL World Championships and/or via application.

The ACL will use "The ACL Pro Qualifier" to qualify 32 players into the 2020-2021 ACL Pro Division at the World Championships. This event may span from Wednesday, August 5th to Sunday, August 9th. The entry fee into this event is $150 for ACL members (25% member discount), and there will be no payout. However, all qualified players can use $100 of the entry fee and apply it towards their 2020-2021 ACL Pro Membership fee. The format for this event will be ACL Singles Rounders (a progressive round-robin format), where each player will play a minimum number of games that will appropriately rank the field from top to bottom. The top 32 players from the ACL Pro Qualifier will be extended an ACL Pro Division invitation for the 2020-2021 ACL Season. 

At the conclusion of The ACL Pro Qualifier and the ACL World Championships, there will be 4 ACL Pro Division spots available, plus any spots that become available from any Pros from the 2019-2020 season that decline their invitation to return to the division next season. These 4+ spots may or may not be filled via application. During the month of July, the ACL will make an ACL Pro application public that anyone is eligible to submit. Based on the available spots left for next season's Pro Division, the ACL reserves the right to accept some, none, or all applications. Criteria for acceptance will include, but is not limited to: performance history over the past two ACL seasons, performance at the 2020 Kickoff battle (if applicable), performance at The ACL Pro Qualifier (if applicable), participation history in ACL events, overall professionalism, and general character.

The first step before being able to release a full World Championship schedule is to determine how many players are wanting to compete in the ACL Pro Qualifier. To accomplish this step, we will open registration for the ACL Pro Qualifier first. On June 21st at 5 pm EST, registration for the ACL Pro Qualifier will open. After 7 days, registration for ACL Pro Qualifier players will close on 6/27 at 5 pm EST. The following day, 6/28, a full World Championships schedule will be released. Finally, on 7/1 at 5 pm EST, registration for the World Championships will open to the general public on a first-come, first-serve basis.

All registration will happen using the ACL Player App at

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