ACL Open #1 - Illinois, October 23-25

The American Cornhole League is excited to bring the 1st ACL Open to West Dundee, IL (Elgin area, Chicagoland) October 23-25! 


This will be a 3-day event including ACL Rounders, Singles and Doubles. Players MUST play in the Friday Rounders in order to compete in the open events on Saturday and Sunday. FB Event


Josh Keck

Joe Harsh

David Morse

Miguel Villa

Matthew Garrett


LifeZone 360

999 W Main St.

West Dundee, IL 60118


Friday, October 23rd

8 am- Doors open

9 am- Seniors, Women’s, and Blind Draws (4 divisions for Blind Draw- Advanced, Competitive, Intermediate, Novice)

2 pm- Doubles Rounders Groups A and B

Saturday, October 24th

8 am- Doors open

9 am- Singles Level 4 start

11 am- Singles Level 3 start

1 pm- Singles Level 2 start

3 pm- Singles Level 1 start

Sunday, October 25th

8 am- Doors open

9 am- Doubles Levels 3 and 4 start

12 pm- Doubles Levels 1 and 2 start

Sit and go blind draws throughout all 3 days if boards are open.

If a player does not show up for Rounders on Friday, they will lose their registration and will not be able to play singles or doubles.


ACL Rounders is a Progressive Round Robin format where all teams are put in a pool (for this event, we will have 2 different pools which will be sorted by ACL standings. The pool lists will be published when registration closes on Oct 19th). 6 (or more) rounds will be played by each team. The first-round opponents will be random. For each round after the first, teams will be matched up against another team with the same (or similar) record. 1-0 teams will play 1-0 teams. 3-1 teams will play 3-1 teams, or similar. After the 6th round, each pool will be divided into 4 groups (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4). Within 1 hour of each pool concluding, a list of those players will be posted near the directors table with the Level they are in for Singles and Doubles.

The 4 pools of each Level will be put in either 2 or 4 double elimination brackets for Singles depending on the number of entrants (see start times above).

Doubles will be double elimination brackets, 2 or 4 brackets per Level depending on the number of entrants (see start times above).

All games (Rounders, Singles and Doubles) will be played to 21! 


Early registration will open for Platinum players members will open on Friday, September 25th at 8 pm Central Standard Time (Chicago time) and remain open for one week. If there are open spots after the 1 week of Platinum Early Bird Registration, General registration will open for all members on October 2nd at 8 pm CST. Any spots remaining after the 1 week of Platinum members, the remaining spots can be filled by any other player. Registration will CLOSE on Oct 23rd, if the event is not sold out before then.

If you want to partner with a certain individual, you both will need to register individually and get in the event. For example, if Peter is a platinum player and he registers during the early bird registration, but his partner, Brad who is not a platinum member doesn't get to register because the event sold out, Peter will have to find a partner who did get registered. It is highly recommended that you purchase a platinum membership to access the early bird registration as this event may sell out quickly. There will NOT be a wait-list. Once it is sold out, it is closed. If spots open due to no-shows, we will allow walk up registrations on a first come, first served basis.


The cost is $100/player for Gold and Platinum players ($120 for Bronze and Silver players) which includes Rounders, Singles and Doubles, 10 games guaranteed.

Seniors and Women’s will be $10/player with 70% payouts.

The Blind Draws will be $30/player for Gold and Platinum players ($40/player for Bronze and Silver players) with 75% paid out in Advanced and Competitive, and 50% payout in Intermediate and Novice

There will be a limit of 800 players that can attend this Open.

The venue is charging a daily cover charge for all players/spectators:

$15/day and you will receive a voucher for 1 slice of pizza (large slice) and 1 drink (soda or draft beer)


$12/day and you will receive 2 vouchers, each worth 1 soda or draft beer.

Outside food and beverages are NOT allowed to enter the building.


60% of total entry fees paid out. Out of the 60%, 85% will go to Level 1, 15% to level 2, and prizes will be awarded in Levels 3 and 4.

NO refunds unless there is a shutdown from COVID-19.


ACL Open points will be awarded for Singles and Doubles standings, not for Rounders.


FACE MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES WHEN IN THE BUILDING (unless actively eating or drinking). If a player/spectator is found not wearing a mask, a warning will be given. If that player/spectator is found not wearing a mask again, they will be escorted out of the building, be asked to not return, and will not receive a refund.

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