ACL Open #3 - Myrtle Beach, SC


December 17 - 20

This will be a 3-day event including ACL Rounders, Singles and Doubles. Players MUST play in the Friday Rounders to compete in the Open events on Saturday and Sunday.


Dave & April Shaffer


Facebook: Myrtle Misfits Cornhole ACL 


Sheraton Hotel

2101 North Oak Street

Myrtle Beach SC 29577

(843) 918-5000


Thursday, Dec 17th 

6:30 pm - Doors open

7:00 pm - Bring Your Own Crew Cup check-in

8:00 pm - Bring Your Own Crew Cup bags fly 

Friday, December 18th

8:00 am - Doors open

9:00 am - Seniors, Women’s, and Blind Draws (3 divisions for Blind Draw- Advanced, Competitive, Intermediate)

2:00 pm - Doubles Rounders 

Saturday, December 19th 

8:00 am - Doors open

9:00 am - Singles Level 4 start

11:00 am - Singles Level 3 start

1:00 pm - Singles Level 2 start

3:00 pm - Singles Level 1 start

Sunday, December 20th

8:00 am - Doors open

9:00 am - Doubles Levels 3 and 4 start

12:00 pm - Doubles Levels 1 and 2 start


Sit and go blind draws will be running throughout all three days if boards are open.

If a player does not show up for Rounders on Friday, they will lose their registration and will not be able to play in singles or doubles.


ACL Rounders is a Progressive Round Robin format where all teams are put in a pool. 6 (or more) rounds will be played by each team.  The first-round opponents will be random. For each round after the first, teams will be matched up against another team with the same (or similar) record. 1-0 teams will play 1-0 teams. 3-1 teams will play 3-1 teams, or similar. After the 6th round, each pool will be divided into 4 groups (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, Level 4). Within one hour after rounders, a list will be posted near the directors table with the Level players are in for Singles and Doubles.

The four pools of each Level will be put in either two or four double-elimination brackets for Singles depending on the number of entrants. (see start times above)

Doubles will be double-elimination brackets, two or four brackets per Level depending on the number of entrants. (see start times above)

All games (Rounders, Singles and Doubles) will be played to 21. See the full ACL rules & regulations here.


Early registration for Platinum players members will open on Friday, November 16 at 8:00 am EST and remain open for one week. If there are open spots after one week of Platinum Early Bird registration, General registration will open for all members on November 23 at 8:00 am EST. Registration will close on December 13. If you want to partner with a specific individual, you will both need to register individually before the event sells out. If only one person from the pair is able to register, the registered player will need to partner with another registered player.

For example, Peter is a platinum player and signs up during Early Bird registration. Brad is Peter's partner and is not a platinum member. The event is sold out before Brad can register, so Peter will need to find another partner who was able to register.

To avoid missing out on the Myrtle Beach Open, upgrade your membership to the Platinum level to access Early Bird Registration. This event will NOT have a wait-list. If spots become available due to no-shows, we will allow walk-up registrations on a first-come first-serve basis.


The cost is $100.00 / player for Gold & Platinum players and $120 for Bronze & Silver players. This fee includes Rounders, Singles, and Doubles with 10 games guaranteed.

Seniors and Women's - $10.00 / player with 70% payouts.

Blind Draws - $30.00 / player for Gold & Platinum players and $35.00 / player for Bronze & Silver players. 75% payout in Advanced & Competitive and 50% payout in Intermediate.

Bring Your Own Crew Cup - $100.00 / team for Gold & Platinum players and $120.00 / team for Bronze & Silver players. 75% payout for Advanced,  65% payout for Competitive & Intermediate.

***There will be a one-time $10.00 venue fee for players and spectators who attend the event.


Competitive and Intermediate will be a combined bracket.

Only one person from the crew needs to register for Crew Cup.

You can bring your own food and beverages to this event.



60% of total entry fees paid out. Out of the 60%, 85% will go to Level 1, 15% to level 2, and prizes will be awarded in Levels 3 & 4.

NO refunds except if the event is forced to cancel due to Covid-19.


ACL Open points will be awarded for Singles & Doubles standings. Points will not be awarded for Rounders.


All players, spectators, and patrons must wear a face mask at all times while in the building when they are not actively eating or drinking. Face masks must cover the nose and mouth of the wearer. Only those with legitimate medical conditions will be exempt from this rule. 

Any spectators or players who are found not wearing a mask will be issued a warning. If a player refuses to abide by this policy, they will forfeit the event, be escorted from the building, and be instructed not to return. No refunds will be given to anyone who is removed from an event for violating our mask policy. Any players asked to leave will have their information reported to ACL HQ.

If you are feeling sick, please stay home and stay safe.


Players must abide by the rules and regulations including the Player Conduct section

Players are not allowed to transfer their registration to another player.

Please check your player profile and verify your contact information is listed correctly. We will send alerts to your cell phone to keep you updated on your playing times.

Host hotel will be posted in the event discussion.

If there are any questions, please post in the event discussion or reach out to

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