Johnsonville & SEC Homegate Pro Contest: Trickshot Edition

Ahh Fall. Nothing like cooler weather, pumpkin spice everything, and everyone’s favorite activity - playing cornhole at a college football tailgate. Pure perfection, except for one small detail… 2020 has been a total dumpster fire and has inhibited us from enjoying the most sacred of traditions -- slinging bags in a parking lot with your buddies while eating delicious food and drinking ice cold beer. Cue the world’s smallest, saddest violin.

Luckily, our pals over at Johnsonville know a thing or two about how to preserve sacred traditions. Enter stage right: Homegating. Yes, homegating. It’s like tailgating, but from your backyard and has better bathrooms (hopefully).

Johnsonville has partnered with the Southeastern Conference (i.e. the SEC) to recognize and reward the troopers who have made the most of a football season that lacks tailgating. Enter stage left: the SEC Homegate Pro Contest.

Now through December 6, this dynamic duo is giving you a chance to win weekly prizes, be featured on the SEC Network, and more. The grand prize is $10,000, an invitation to J-ville’s official tailgate, and a ticket to the SEC National Championship.

All you have to do is post a photo or video of you performing that week’s challenge, tag @johnsonville, and use the hashtag #SECHomegateProContest. A new challenge is issued every two weeks.

ACL Pros Josh Bordelon, Eian Cripps, Sheila Roy, Samantha Finley, and Tyler Cobb helped us put together our challenge video encouraging viewers to submit their sickest trickshots. Special thanks for their participation. This was done in tandem with Johnsonville’s partner, Legendary Shots.

For more information about the SEC Homegate Pro Contest, visit Johnsonville’s website.

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