2021 ACL Cornhole Mania Brackets

2021 ACL Cornhole Mania Brackets

Pro Singles and Pro Doubles throughout the 2021 Johnsonville Cornhole Championships will feature a brand new format, ACL Stack. This new format follows the traditional double elimination base bracket. However, following a player's or team's second loss eliminating them from the base tournament, the player or team will be placed into a secondary "stack" of single elimination brackets to eliminate any and all ties within the base 64 player or team bracket. Everyone within the same stack of brackets will have been eliminated from the base double elimination bracket (Stack 1) at the same time.  Like last season, the winner of each double elimination bracket will enter a 4-player or 4-team single elimination playoff to be crowned champion. All other events will follow the traditional double elimination format.

Pro Doubles Bracket A

Pro Doubles Bracket B

Pro Doubles Bracket C

Pro Doubles Bracket D

Pro Women's Doubles

Pro Senior Singles

Pro Crew Cup Bracket A

Pro Crew Cup Bracket B

Pro Singles Bracket A

Pro Singles Bracket B

Pro Singles Bracket C

Pro Singles Bracket D

Pro Blind Draw Bracket A

Pro Blind Draw Bracket B

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