2019 ACL All Forces Championship

The American Cornhole League is proud to present the 2019 ACL All Forces Championships. Eight divisions comprised of United States military and public safety personnel will compete for $25,000 and the title of All Forces Champions alongside the 2019 ACL Championships. The All Forces Championships will be open for all active, veteran, and/or retired personnel in good standing from each of the eligible divisions. The All Forces Divisions are:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Marines
  • Air Force
  • Coast Guard
  • Border Patrol
  • Police (includes Department of Corrections)
  • Fire (includes EMT and First Responders)

These championships will be divided into three stages: Qualifiers, Division Championships, and All Forces Championship. The first stage (Qualifiers) will run from now until the 2019 ACL Championships which will take place August 6-11. Stage two (Division Championships) will take place August 9th at the 2019 ACL Championships at the Valley Forge Casino outside of Philadelphia, PA. Finally, stage three (All Forces Championship) will happen August 9th at the Valley Forge Casino live on ESPN3 at 8 pm est.

All Forces Qualifiers

From now until the beginning of August, the eight All Forces divisions will each narrow down all of the possible competitors in their respective divisions to just 32 teams of two. There are only three ways to qualify to be one of the 32 teams that will compete in stage two, the All Forces Division Championships. Division Leaders will oversee the organization of qualifier tournaments that will award free, direct entry into the All Forces Division Championships. Competing and winning a Qualifier is the simplest way to guarantee a spot into the next stage. Second, a limited number of direct buy-ins to the All Forces Division Championships will be offered at a price of $250/team. The number of spots available via direct buy-in will vary from division to division. The third and last option is via a specific sponsor exemption extended directly from the ACL. These spots will not be available to the public.

All Forces Division Championships

Once each division qualifies its 32 teams of two (256 teams total will qualify across all eight divisions), those teams will compete in an intra-division tournament on August 9th, 2019 to crown a divisional champion. The Division Championships will be a combination of round robin and tournament play, guaranteeing each team a minimum of five games of play. One team from each division will emerge as a champion and will not only guarantee themselves a cash payout, they will also receive a pair of ACL Jerseys commemorating the event. 

All Forces Championship

The Qualifiers will narrow down our field of endless participants to just 256 teams. The Division Championships will take those 256 teams down to just eight. The All Forces Championship will be the ultimate American Throwdown as the eight best military and public safety cornhole teams will compete live on ESPN3 in a single elimination, 15 round match tournament. The single elimination tournament will be seeded based upon a variety of factors including division strength and ACL expert analysis. All seven of the matches in this tournament will be featured on the ESPN3 broadcast on August 9th. The doubles tournament portion of the All Forces Championships will be for $20,000 in cash prizes.

On August 10th, the All Forces Championships will also offer a $5,000 blind draw, included in the entry for the doubles tournament, bringing the minimum guaranteed number of games on the weekend to seven.

So the next question is, how can I compete? You can visit to enter these championships one of two ways. Each way will have a button on the All Forces page. The first way is a direct buy-in for $250/team. You can request a direct buy-in directly from that page using the "Request Direct Buy-in" Button. The second is via an All Forces qualifier. A director near you may be hosting an All Forces Qualifier so stay in touch with them. If not, you can also request an all forces qualifier be hosted near you via the "Request Qualifier" button. To request a qualifier tournament you must have a minimum of 6 teams of two interested in competing. You will be contacted either way with the appropriate option for you.

A valid military ID or DD-214 will be required for verification of eligibility for military divisions. A badge, ID card, or documentation with letterhead from the last active place of employment within the specific public safety division will be required for verification of eligibility in all other divisions.

We thank all of those that have served and sacrificed for our freedoms. Anyone can play, and anyone can win!

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