2019 ACL Pro Invitational

The 2019 ACL Pro Invitational is upon us! Twelve of the best ACL Pro teams in the country will compete for $25,000 in cash prizes alongside the 2019 ACL Final Chase in Uncasville, CT at the Mohegan Sun Casino and Resort. The final eight teams will compete live on ESPN3 (which is recorded for later ESPN/ESPN2 television airings) in a single elimination, 10 rounds per game tournament at 8 pm EST on July 5th. ACL Pros Frank Modlin and Eric Anderson won the 2018 ACL Pro Invitational, who will win this season?

We already have three teams that have automatically qualified for this 2019 ACL Pro Invitational: Jordan Camba/Derrick King, Philip Haydon/Daymon Dennis, and Josh Lunsford/Jimmy McGuffin. The winner of the Pro Doubles division at the 2019 ACL Final Chase, determined live on ESPN2 on July 4th at 1 pm EST, will also earn an automatic bid. Joining the four ACL National winners will be the next four highest ranked ACL Pro teams based on ACL Pro Rankings. Finally, four fan vote winners will also earn automatic bids to the event, rounding out the twelve teams.

For the ACL Pro Invitational Fan Vote presented by Inside Tailgating, the ACL Conferences have been divided into four voting regions. The ACL Pro team from each of the four regions that receives the highest number of votes will earn a bid to the Pro Invitational.  Voting ends on June 30th. The link for voting is below

Vote Here

The four ACL National winners will occupy seeds 1-4 in the Invitational, meaning that they will automatically make it into the final eight. The next four highest seeds will occupy seeds 5-8, and the Inside Tailgating Fan Vote winners will occupy seeds 9-12. The order of each seed grouping will be determined by ACL Pro Standings. The tiebreaker for any seeding or fan vote will be highest ACL National finish, followed by combined ACL Overall points for each team. The four play-in games to reach the final 8 of the Pro Invitational will take place on July 5th at 12 pm EST on the ACL Digital Network.

The payouts for the 2019 ACL Pro Invitational are:

1st - $8,000

2nd - $5,000

3rd (2) - $3,000

5th (4) - $1,500

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