Anyone can play and anyone can win with the ACL. If you want to play cornhole, the ACL has an opportunity for you to play regardless of your age or skill level. The ACL has developed or is developing competitive series for Juniors, College, Adult and Seniors. The ACL technology powers special events, customized competitions and groups like American Deaf Cornhole (ADC), an organization that hosts tournaments specifically for the Deaf Community and other tournaments that raise money for the Deaf Community.

The most well known ACL Series is the Championships of Bags aka COBS as featured on ESPN3. This Series features Local, Regional, and National Events From August to June, any player, paid or free, can compete for points and cash. Players may elect to play in just one event or multiple events and can select the skill level of play being offered that works best for them.

Players choose to be a Free Member or Paid Member of the ACL Cornhole Community. The differences are outlined below:

Benefits Free Paid
Annual Fee $0 $25
Points Bonus for COBS Standings (All Skill Levels) 0 1,000
Use ACL Cornhole App (Google Play and iOS) X X
Create and Edit Player Profile X X
Basic Stats X X
Play for Points and Cash X X
Discounts on Events X
Exclusive Entry into Certain Events X
Detailed Stats X
Options to Enter COBS Open Division Main Event X
Opportunity to Earn Elite Status X
Special Merchandise Discounts and Giveaways X

ACL Player Registration Form

  1. By Registering with ACL this will create your Guest Profile and allows you to compete for ACL points.
  2. To upgrade your Guest account to aPlayer or Director account you will need to login to the Profile page a choose the account type you want.

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